Speakeasy Pool Under The House

Speakeasy Pool Under The House

We’re building a speakeasy pool. The ceiling of the grotto and of the speakeasy is the first living floor of the house above. We’re actually taking the rocks and putting them down in the forms, pinning them, and then pouring a post-tension slab over the top of these boulders. The engineering is crazy on this job.

Speakeasy Pool Under The House Renderings

Picture stepping out into your backyard, and before you lies an extraordinary aquatic wonderland beckoning for exploration. The gleeful laughter of your children fills the air as they race down exhilarating water slides, their joyful cries resonating through the surroundings. You eagerly join in on the excitement, experiencing an adrenaline rush as you dive into pristine pools and leisurely float along meandering lazy rivers.
Above, the sun radiates its brilliance, casting a golden sheen upon the glistening water, while the gentle melody of cascading waterfalls provides a tranquil serenade. Worries dissipate with each splash and glide, replaced by a profound sense of bliss and tranquility. Your backyard oasis transforms into a sanctuary of amusement, where family and friends gather for endless hours of enjoyment, forging unforgettable memories.
Whether it serves as a refreshing retreat from scorching summer days, a canvas for designing your own aquatic paradise, or a convenient escape steps from your doorstep, owning a backyard waterpark is an unparalleled adventure that infuses boundless excitement and happiness into your home.

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